Q.  How much should we expect to pay for video production? 
The cost of video production for businesses can vary based on factors like the complexity of your project, desired quality, scripting and pre-production, editing and post-production, additional services required, and the experience of the production team. At LOFT ONE12 we’ll discuss your requirements with you to get accurate cost estimates tailored to your project. 
We’ll look to balance your budget with the quality and impact you want to achieve. Investing in a well-executed video can yield significant returns in attracting and engaging your target audience effectively. 
 Q.  What services can you provide? 
We offer comprehensive content production services covering planning, proposal, production, and publishing stages. Our team collaborates with you to plan and conceptualise your content, provides a customised proposal, handles all aspects of production, and assists with post-production editing. 
We can also help you publish and distribute your video across various platforms. Our goal is to deliver a seamless and effective video production experience tailored to your needs. 
 Q.  Are you insured? 
Yes, we’re fully insured with both professional indemnity and public liability insurance to ensure comprehensive coverage in our professional activities. 
 Q.  Who holds copyright on images and video? 
Typically, on most projects, we retain the copyright ownership of images and videos we create. However, we are open to discussing the transfer of copyright ownership if the client specifically requires it. 
This is a topic we can delve into during the planning stages to ensure alignment with your needs and preferences. 
 Q.  How far do you travel? 
We travel to wherever our clients need us! The specifics of travel distance, arrangements, and associated costs are all part of the detailed proposal we provide. 
We tailor our travel plans to accommodate the project requirements and ensure a smooth, efficient process, which we'll outline comprehensively in our proposal for your consideration. 
 Q.  How do you store our assets? 
We prioritise the safety and accessibility of your assets. Typically, we store your imagery on secure external hard drives and reliable cloud services. 
Our standard practice involves retaining these assets for a minimum of one year, ensuring they remain easily accessible and safeguarded throughout our collaboration. 
 Q.  What is the turnaround time from shoot to delivery of the content? 
Our goal is to deliver high-quality content promptly. While we strive for efficiency in our turnaround times, we prioritise maintaining the excellence of our work. The specific timeline for delivery typically varies based on the project's scope and requirements. 
We'll discuss your turnaround needs thoroughly during the planning phase and provide detailed timelines in our proposal to ensure alignment with your expectations and project goals. 
 Q.  Can you provide unedited files? 
Typically, our process involves delivering edited, high-quality content as it aligns with our commitment to ensuring the best representation of our work. However, we're flexible to accommodate your specific needs. 
Whether you prefer the raw, unedited files or our edited content, we'll discuss this requirement in detail during the planning stage to ensure that our deliverables perfectly match your preferences and project goals. 
 Q.  What do you need from me before the shoot? 
Before the shoot, we'll have a comprehensive discussion during the planning stage to ensure we cover all necessary aspects. This discussion will help us understand your vision, requirements, and any specific details crucial for the project's success. 
With this information, we'll be equipped to provide you with an accurate proposal that encompasses all your needs and aligns perfectly with your expectations 
 Q.  Can you repurpose our existing content? 
Absolutely, we believe in maximising the value of your content. We can repurpose any previously shot material to breathe new life into it, ensuring its relevance across various platforms or campaigns. 
Additionally, if you have pre-existing work that requires re-editing or a fresh perspective, we're more than capable of revisiting and enhancing it to align with your current goals and standards. 
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